Mississippi Walleye Club


Club Tournaments

The Mississippi Walleye club holds 6 tournaments each year. These are for members only. Fish are released after weighing and measurement. The tournaments provide the vehicle in which most members learn the most about our river and how to improve their angling skills. At the end of the year Sportsman & Fisherman of the Year awards are presented.

A team consists of two club members. Teams are determined by drawing for partners (Draw format) or choosing your partner (Pick format) prior to each tournament.

Tournament locations are normally held on the Mississippi River  from Lansing, Iowa to as far south as Albany, Illinois as well as an occasional lake or reservoir

Tournaments are usually held on Sundays so there is still time to mow the lawn and paint the house on weekends when needed.

Every tournament is like having a guide for the day. You will soon be learning the hot spots on the river When to use live bait and when to use artificial lures. Lastly what types of structure walleyes most prefer, when and why.

No boat, no problem. Most members do have their own boats so we will pair you with someone with a boat.

Dick Hanson

Dick with a Fall River Eye!

Gump 29

Jamey with a Fall PIG!


Doug With a Spring Pig!